Match Preview: Dark View Explorers vs Fort Charlotte Strikers – 15th Match VPL 4

March 25, 2022

Dark View Explorers did what the Strikers couldn’t do, defend a 20+ score off the final over against the Rangers. It’s not a surprise that Strikers are at the bottom of the table, but now seems to be that do or die time. One reckon that another lost for the Strikers and they can kiss any chance of making the playoffs good bye.


In The Spotlight

Strikers have made the lowest score of the tournament, going back to old ways. Their confidence seems low and they would need a drastic turn around. It’s not unusual to see a shift in either the playing XI or the batting order in such circumstances so don’t be surprised tomorrow if there is a shift. Few of their batsmen have been getting some runs but they are not performing in unison and have been caught wanting in the field.

Explorers would be pumped for this game as they would feel that this is a winnable game that can push them further up the points standing. Explorers do have concerns of their own in that their batting is struggling, despite the quality in the line up. Their bowling, which is usually their weakest point, have done reasonably well in the past two games.

Both teams will view this as a must win game.


Form Guide

Dark View Explorers: W L L
Fort Charlotte Strikers: L L L



The weather forecast looks absolutely beautiful for full play.


Pitch Conditions

The pitches are starting to wear and assisting the slower bowlers.


Probable XI

Dark View Explorers: Lindon James, Alick Athanaze, Dean Browne, Shamon Hooper, Deron Greaves, Romano Pierre, Sealron Williams, Tilron Harry, Luke Wilson, Aleon Caesar, Darius Martin

Fort Charlotte Strikers: Miles Bascombe, Cosmus Hackshaw, Sealroy Williams, Christroy John, Richie Richards, Kirton Lavia, Joshua James, Reynolly Hillocks, Ray Jordan, Crystian Thurton, Rasheed Fredericks