Match Report – 14th Match: Botanical Gardens Rangers vs Dark View Explorers

May 21, 2021

Rangers won the toss and chose to field.

Greaves started with two beautiful shots through the leg side for four. Donald Delpesche removed the dangerous Romano Pierre for 1. Greaves called through Hooper for a non-existent run the next delivery and found himself short of a direct throw from Wicket Keeper Harper. Rangers would have been happy with their powerplay bowling, restricting Explorers to 24-2.

Hooper started to lift his tempo and struck a 4 and 6 off the 5th over. Along with Jade Matthews, they took 33 runs from overs 5 to 7, lifting Explorers to 57/3 from 7 overs. Explorers had a big finish, taking 50 runs from the final 3 overs. Shamon Hooper finished with an unbeaten 63 from 29 deliveries, the top score of the tournament so far. He hit 6 fours and 4 sixes and single handedly blunted the Rangers bowling attack.

Rangers continued to have a poor tournament and were totally at sea at the half way point. Luke Wilson continued to bowl well and took 2-9 from his 2 overs. Sealron Williams got 2-12 from his 2 overs, and both continued to sink Rangers. Rangers could only get to 53/6 and lost by 54 runs.

Dark View Explorers 107/3 (10 overs)
Botanical Gardens Rangers 53/6 (10 overs)

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