Match Report: 15th Match – Grenadines Divers vs Dark View Explorers

November 14, 2020

Dark View Explorers won the toss and choose to bat.

Deron Greaves & Miles Bascombe opened up against Asif Hooper. Greaves swung Hooper over mid wicket for six on the 4th delivery of the over and Explorers picked up singles off the other deliveries. There was a change of strategy from a complete spin attack to McCoy taking the new ball and he bowled well, keeping the dangerous Miles Bascombe at bay. Deron Greaves managed to get a four off the last ball of his over to take the score to 17/0.

Tyrone Theophile, the man with the golden arm in the VPL struck off his 2nd delivery in the 3rd over, removing Greaves caught swinging after a slow off break to be caught at short third man. Few deliveries later, Miles Bascombe sent a slow off break over long on for six. A no ball was then followed with a mow over long off for four taking the score to 30/1. Kevin Abraham bowled the final over of the powerplay and only conceded three runs, finishing a powerplay that the Divers would be happy with.

Theophile bowled the 5th over and Miles Bascombe was run out going to the strikers end, the pressure clearly building and forcing the risky run. Lindon James came in and went bang first delivery, massive six straight on the pavilion roof. Abraham back for the 6th over was swung over long on by Hooper. James perished on the final delivery caught low at long on – 51/3.

Geron Whyllie, the most economical bowler of the tournament delivered 7th over. The over was good until the final delivery where Hooper pulled behind square for four.  McCoy was back and had his best game of the season, his two overs for 15 runs and a wicket.

Braxie Browne bowled the 9th over and it was expensive. Shamon Hooper top edged a pull shot for four then smashed a full blooded pull shot for six. Dean Browne also took a top edge heave over short third man for four. Razine Browned bowled the last over and Hooper was playing well, receiving a fuller delivery and swinging it beautifully in the mid wicket arc for a maximum. The over conceded 14 and Explorers finishing on 102/6.

Deron Greaves bowled the 1st over of the chase, to the dangerous pair of Shem Browne & Asif Hooper but he kept things under control, only allowing one boundary and the score at 6/0. Shamon Hooper, as is customary now, shared the new ball but was peppered by Shem Browne for two pull shots down fine leg for boundaries but Hooper got the last laugh as he had Browne caught at deep midwicket.

Greaves & Hooper combined to only concede five runs from the 3rd and 4th over, Divers finishing the powerplay behind at 24/1. Divers picked up the pace and showed urgency in the 5th over, taking 11 runs from Sealron Williams over.

Divers accelerated in the next 3 overs, taking 41 runs leaving 27 required from 12 deliveries. Shaquille Browne delivered an excellent penultimate over, only conceding 5 runs and leaving 22 runs for Dean Browne to defend off the final over. Theophile missed the first delivery and could only get a single off the 2nd delivery. The 3rd delivery went for a single leaving the game now out of reach of the Divers unless the bowler transgressed and bowled extras. The Divers could only get to 91, falling 11 runs short of their target.

Dark View Explorers 102/6 (10 overs)
Grenadines Divers 91/2 (10 overs)

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