Match Report: 6th Match – La Soufriere Hikers vs Botanical Garden Rangers

November 9, 2020

La Soufriere Hikers won the toss and choose to field on what was a rainy afternoon, that saw the game being reduced to 5 overs per innings.

Hyron Shallow and Emmanuel Stewart opened the innings, facing up to Othneil Lewis – one of the most economical bowlers in the VPL powerplays. 2nd ball of the innings, Stewart powered one over long off for six. he then charged the 4th delivery and the bowler adjusting the length but the wild swing got a top edge down to the third man boundary for four – the over conceding 12 runs.

Emmanuel Stewart was in a no nonsense mood as Kavem Hodge’s first delivery of the 2nd over was hammered out the ground. Few deliveries later he was cut over short third man for four, the fielder, jumping to early else may have had a chance for a catch. Hyron Shallow timed the 5th delivery to the long off boundary – 21 runs coming from the over taking the score to 33/0.

Tilron Harry, wicket keeper turn fast bowler, bowled the 3rd over and was extracting some good bounce but when batsmen are in a swinging zone, they can go anywhere. Shallow top edged for four off the 2nd delivery but the remainder off the over was quite good, allowing no chance for the batsmen to free their arms.

Rayan Williams tried the same plan during the 4th over, bowling short to Shallow but the pull shot resulted in another top edge down to fine leg for four. Williams bowled a short wide one on the third delivery but was missed by Shallow. The 4th was another short one that was mercifully pulled over mid wicket for six – the score 52/0.

Dillon Douglas was the one chosen to deliver the final over and he delivered a long hop that was sent miles into the mid wicket stand. There was some clever variation during the next two deliveries that resulted in dots. The 4th delivery was bowled fast but Stewart bludgeoned it for six over long off. That was followed by a dilscoop for four followed by a delivery on the legs that was helped over fine leg for another four to finish the innings. Stewart not out on 46 from 16 deliveries, hitting 5 fours and 4 sixes. He was supported by Hyron Shallow’s knock of 25 from 14 deliveries, hitting 3 fours and 1 six.

Salvan Browne and Desron Maloney opened up for the Hikers, facing up against Kimali Williams. Williams struck as he had Browne bowled on the 3rd delivery, bringing Dilon Douglas to the crease. Williams struck again off the final delivery and had Maloney caught at mid on for duck. Williams producing a golden over, taking two big wickets and conceding only three runs.

Kenneth Dember bowled himself for the 2nd over and Douglas pulled for four. The following three deliveries were tight only conceding two runs. The 5th was fuller and slogged over mid wicket by Douglas, Hikers not giving up as yet. The final delivery of the over was bowled faster and back of a length but Douglas picked up the length and sent it through the gap at mid wicket for four – 54 runs required from 18 deliveries.

The clever Donald Delpesche was chosen for the 3rd over, to put the squeeze on the Hikers. Delpesche was bowling really clever but hard running saw twos off the first five deliveries and only a single to finish the over – 43 from 12 deliveries required.

Zimron Providence bowled the fourth over and he started with a short wide one and was cut away for four by Hodge. The next delivery, Hodge held out to the long on fielder, the task at hand become more and more impossible. Othneil Lewis was caught at long off from the 4th delivery and Douglas was clean bowled the next delivery – the over conceding only seven runs and three wickets.

With 36 runs to win from the final over, not even the year 2020 was willing to bear a miracle to pull off the impossible. Romario Bibby kept his composure and bowled a good last over to ensure the win – the Hikers falling 26 runs short of their target.

Summary Scores:
Botanical Garden Rangers 72/0 (5 overs)
La Soufriere Hikers 46/5 (5 overs)

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